How we do it


You will get a link at your e-mail address at 9:20 am EST.
You have to download the Zoom video which is Free.

We usually trade only one stock at a time.

We trade from 9:30 am to 10:00 am. (about 30 minutes )

We take about 1 to 4 trades each day. 

There are a few days that we do not trade at all if there is not a stock that meets our criteria.

We take trades of 30 seconds till 9 minutes about.

So that means that you have to be fast on the keyboard and have your full attention here.

Hotkeys are really required for market orders. (if your platform does not have you will probably not be able to follow.

 View the live screen of one experienced trader while trading. (Screenshare)

We read order flow and decide about our risk at the moment that's why we can not predefined how many shares we will buy or sell, but you will be able to see how many shares we will work with just a few seconds before.

The same goes for which stock we will trade.

We cannot predefined which stock we will trade because we do not even know.

We just watch how things unfold and we decide up to the moment where we have the most possibilities 

..So just a few seconds before we get a trade you will be able to see which is the stock that we are interested in and how many shares we are about to work with.

So in the trading room, you will be able to see the screen of one experienced trader and you can copy the trades if you like to or learn how to find trades that most of the time are positive.

After trading, we have a chat for about 30 minutes trying to help you as much as we can by explaining a few things. We do not have a lot of free time to explain everything but you can e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible.

We strongly suggest that you try everything you do on a demo account until you will be able to make some profit consistently.

Markets will not go away so you will have plenty of time to trade in your real account later.

Here you can have a look at how we do it.